Cryo Hop Craze

Walk into any local homebrew shop(or LHBS as the kids say these days), scroll through Facebook or Twitter, everyone affiliated with homebrewing has come across the new Cryo Hops from Yakima Chief Hops I know I spotted them at my local homebrew shop in Plainfield, IL. Here’s the press release that Yakima Chief Hops put out back in February:




by Melody Meyer
February 27, 2017 /


Release includes two innovative hop products, LupuLN2™ and Debittered Leaf

Yakima, WA, USA – February 27, 2017 – Yakima Chief – Hopunion (YCH HOPS®) is pleased to announce a new proprietary product line, Cryo Hops™. The release of this product line includes two revolutionary new hop-products: LupuLN2™ (lupulin hop powder) and Debittered Leaf (low-alpha bract).

Derived from the Greek word ‘kryos’, meaning frost, Cryo Hops utilizes industry-leading, cryogenic hop-processing technology to produce LupuLN2 and Debittered Leaf. Whole hop cones are separated into concentrated lupulin hop powder and low-alpha bract via exposure to extremely low temperatures in a nitrogen-rich production atmosphere, eliminating opportunities for oxidation.

LupuLN2 is the concentrated lupulin of whole-leaf hops containing resins and aromatic oils. It is designed to provide intense hop flavor and aroma, enabling brewers to dose large quantities of hops without introducing astringent flavors or vegetative cone material. LupuLN2 offers twice the resin content of traditional whole-leaf and hop pellet products, and should be dosed at approximately half the amount by weight. During early R&D trials, brewers reported that LupuLN2 noticeably enhances hop aroma and flavor contributions, specifically citing ‘juicy’ and ‘resinous’ characteristics. Brewers also reported an average three to five percent increase in brewery yields due to reduced brewhouse and cellar trub.

Debittered Leaf is the concentrated bract of whole-leaf hops which has been separated from the lupulin glands. It is a high-quality, low-alpha product which retains variety-specific aroma and flavor characteristics and can be derived from any hop brand. The result is an enticing Northwest twist on traditional, low-alpha (noble) hops.

Cryo Hops products are produced in Sunnyside, Washington and are currently available to commercial brewers via YCH HOPS and/or its global distributor partners. LupuLN2 is available in hop powder or pellet form; debittered leaf available in pellets. Cryo Hops products can be contracted for future years beginning with harvest 2017 or immediately purchased on spot. Home brew packaging will be released in Summer 2017.

Product availability includes Cascade, Citra® Brand HBC 394, Columbus (LupuLN2 only), Ekuanot™ Brand HBC 366, Loral™ Brand HBC 291, Mosaic® Brand HBC 369, Palisade® Brand YCR 4 (LupuLN2 only), and Simcoe® Brand YCR 14 brand hops.

To preserve the sensitive resins and oils, Cryo Hops pellets are produced at a mean temperature of 63 degrees Fahrenheit. This is approximately 30 degrees cooler than average T-90 hop pellet production temperatures at YCH, and significantly cooler than other known pelleting operations.

Developed by Yakima Chief – Hopunion, Cryo Hops represents the most innovative technology in hop processing. It uses a proprietary cryogenic separation process which preserves all components of each hop fraction, producing two simultaneous co-products, LupuLN2 and Debittered Leaf. Each Cryo Hops product is designed with breweries in mind, enhancing hop flavor and aroma, process efficiency, cost savings and sustainability.

Yakima Chief – Hopunion is a 100% grower-owned, global hop supplier focused on providing premium quality hops and uncompromising service. The team is driven by a profound appreciation for the earth’s natural resources and a heartfelt respect for the communities and customers they serve. This creates a culture of continuous improvement centered on sustainably produced, innovative hop products for beer. From fresh Green Hops®, to whole-leaf hops, Cryo Hops®, hop pellets and Resinate® CO2 hop extract derived products, Yakima Chief – Hopunion is uniquely positioned, and passionate about connecting the world’s finest brewers with family-run hop farms through YCH HOPS.


I heard about these Cryo Hops earlier in the year and could not wait to get to HomeBrewCon 2017 in Minnesota. Here’s a write up of this fantastic event: I managed to grab two bags of the Mosaic Cryo Hops from the Yakima Chief Hops tent at HBC. I could not wait to brew with these hops. After returning from HBC, I had the chance to do exactly that. In the past I have brewed a Mosaic hoped IPA that was a real crowd pleaser. I actually wrote about this beer that I paired with some BBQ that I served at an event last year.

This year I decided to brew this beer for my wife’s family when we all gathered upon Put-in-Bay Island out in Sandusky, Ohio. The beer itself was very well received. The one thing that family members mentioned was the aroma of the beer. The best way to utilize these Cryo Hops is to use them either as late addition aroma hops or as a dry hop. I decided on the latter. These hops did not disappoint at all.

Now I know what everyone is thinking, “Sure Steve, your family liked your beer, but what do beer people think?” Prior to making the five hour drive to Ohio with my wife and daughter, I was able to bring this beer to my monthly homebrew meeting My beer was again very well received by those that were able to try it. Many guys commented on the aroma of pineapple, tropical fruit, and peach. The aroma is pretty intense.

The one thing that I was really impressed with was how “clean” the beer came out while bottling. These Cryo Hops do not have any of the vegetal matter that is found in pellet hops. Usually when I dry hop a beer, I throw the hop pellets into a muslin bag. I do this because I want to make sure my beer comes out clean and without any of the hop matter floating in my beer. I wanted to test out these Cryo Hops and see if indeed they hold up to what they say. I opened up the package and threw the Cryo Hops into my carboy without a muslin bag. The Cryo Hops floated on the top of my carboy and just hung in suspension for a week. As I said, the beer came out extremely clean. Due to time restraints and plus the fact that I wanted this beer for family, I did not do a Exbeeriment with it, ala Marshall Schott over at I do have another pack of Mosaic Cyro Hops. Maybe the guys over at brulosophy would like to do some collaboration.

Here’s my recipe for Den of Iniquity that features these wonderful, flavorful, and aroma inducing Cryo Hops. Cheers!

80%    Maris Otter

8%      Vienna

4%      Munich

4%      Crystal 40

4%      Carafoam

1 oz Chinook      60 Min.      13    AA        41.2 IBU

1 oz Mosaic        10 Min.      12.7 AA       14.6 IBU

1 oz Mosaic          7 Min.      12.7 AA       10.8 IBU

1 oz Mosaic          5 Min.      12.7 AA         8    IBU

2 oz Mosaic        Flameout      12.7 AA

*1 oz Mosaic        Dry Hop      12.7 AA       7 Days

*1 pack of Yakima Chief’s Mosaic Cryo Hops.

White Labs California Ale WLP001    70% Attenuation

Batch Size 5.5 Gallons

Boil Size      8 Gallons

Efficiency    75%

OG 1.070

FG  1.021

Color 8.2 SRM

Bitterness 74.5 IBU


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